Benny White – Part One

Benny’s Tale is a story developed to illustrate how business management and project management has evolved since the early 1900.

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Thank you for visiting the site dedicated to The Focused Organization. The Focused Organization is a book by author Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez. This website provides you with insights into the author’s background, more information on the book and an opportunity to join Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez in Seminars or invite him to speak at your special event, company workshop or seminar.

The unique appeal of this book is that for once a business strategy book is of value, in fact a must read, to the small business owner or the CEO of a large organization. Most business strategy tomes speak to the upper echelon of multinationals. It’s refreshing to have a strategy book that is useful to individuals operating a small business from home to the chairman of the board.

But that’s not all. In fact this book could be slotted into the self-development category too as it speaks to how we approach our life and what keeps us back from achieving the best we possibly can.

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Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

The Author

Antonio brings two invaluable disciplines to his writing. He is both an academic and a well-respected business person. The experience in the academic environment, as a visiting professor at the Solvay and Nyenrode Business School, provides Antonio with the knowledge and skills to underpin his writings with rigorous research and results driven evidence.

The other discipline, his extensive business experience, allows him to add practical experience and real time observation and execution of his theories to his writings. In this way he is streaks ahead of most other authors working and writing in the strategy and management field.

Laying the foundation to his work experience were the years spent at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). During his more than ten years at PwC he was the lead practitioner for the Project and Portfolio Management practice. From here he moved to head up the Post Merger Integration at Fortis Bank being involved in the merger with ABN AMBRO.  His current position is Head of Transversal Portfolio Management at BNP Paribas. Read more about Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez.

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The Book – The Focused Organization

Most aptly named The Focused Organization, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez’ book discusses how fewer, more effectively elected and managed projects are the key to strategy execution and long-term success and how project management is a key in this process.

Organizations that focus on just a few key initiatives are able to perform significantly better than organizations trying to achieve too many objectives. This focused approach not only impacts organizations financially but also assists them in achieving strategic objectives, motivating staff and in this way resulting in profitable organizations.

Read the visionary Foreword by Greg Balestrero, former CEO of the Project Management Institute (PMI) here.

Stuart Crainer, editor, Business Strategy Review, co-creator Thinkers50 has this to say:

“The world is awash with business ideas and tools. But what really matters to business leaders is making things happen, execution. That is what they are measured on and what really turns them on. Based on research and extensive experience, The Focused Organization provides new, compelling and highly practical insights into the reality of execution.”

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Author Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez answers the proposition ‘How concentrating on just a few key initiatives can dramatically improve strategy execution’ in The Focused Organization. He makes a strong case for project management and the resultant strategy execution to become a far more important function in any enterprise as it can motivate staff, achieve objectives and lead to a more profitable organization.

A must read for business people. Order the book: The Focused Organization

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